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Jim Lampus

of Norwest Contractors

During nearly two decades building commercial interiors to the highest standards, Norwest Contractors has also built a remarkable base of satisfied customers. How? Our unique “Design-to-Budget” methodology and other exclusive tools inform and empower our customers. We help you make smart construction decisions, and put you in control of design, quality and budget.


It is our mission to create for our customers a more efficient and informed construction experience that shortens the entire project timeline and results in smarter decisions, better value, and no surprises.


Norwest was founded in 1993 by Dean Lampus, a Portland native who spent his early career in charge of real estate and construction for a national chain of more than 50 retail stores.


Company Profile: Jim Lampus

At Norwest, we differentiate ourselves by offering valuable services not typically associated with general contractors, and with a unique knowledge-based approach that empowers customers, designers and the entire project team with greater control of quality, design, schedule and budget.