A/R Management

Lisa Swan of Transworld Systems Inc.


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Transworld Systems is home of Accelerator and the Profit Recovery System. We are redefining the collection agency industry by providing businesses and healthcare organizations with better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery and past due accounts


Transworld subscribes to the Creditor’s Bill of Rights: creditors are entitled to be paid for their services in a timely manner. Additionally, slow-paying patients should be held accountable in a diplomatic and respectful manner.

Our Method

Transworld Systems partners with most major medical software providers to give our clients the tools to follow-up earlier and more effectively on their past-due insurance claims and patient balances, when those balances are at their most collectable.

We work accounts on a fixed-fee basis (cost averaging $10 per account, with no percentage taken)
We offer 1st party contacts (done in the name of the practice), 3rd party pre-collect demands and a full Collections/Legal division for the most difficult of accounts
We provide complete transparency and reporting via our secure, HIPAA-compliant website

Executive Profile: Lisa Swan

Lisa has been representing Transworld Systems since 2003 and is a Senior Rep with the company, demonstrating her commitment to outstanding customer service for her clients. She is also a board member of the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health. Prior to joining Transworld, she was an analyst for UCSD Medical Center working on a feasibility study for a hospital-based HMO. Her background is in accounting and technical writing.